Webinar: How I’m Helping My Clients Write Books with AI


Are you trying to write a book with AI?

Learn how I’m helping my clients express their innovative ideas through an AI-driven book-writing process.

From outlining, to getting their ideas out into audio format, and turning that raw audio into a market-shaking book, learn step-by-step how I’m helping my clients write their category-defining books.

Hi, I’m Fernando Labastida, and I’m writing a book that shows you exactly how to stand out, command attention, and become a leader in your industry with a book.

My book comes out in February, but in this webinar, I’ll give you a preview of one of the chapters of my book!

In this webinar, I’ll show you how I’m helping my clients write a book with AI – and boost their businesses!

Why This Webinar?

In this webinar i go over the exact process I’m using with my clients.

This is material I’m including in my upcoming book, but I’m giving you a preview here.

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How to outline your book with AI

How to brainstorm your initial ideas, based on your new category or business concept, and how to get AI to complete the process

How to speak your book into existence

I’ll show you how you can use your keynotes, videos, or audio interviews to speak your book into existence with the power of audio.

How to transcribe your book with AI

Through a powerful AI transcription tool, I’ll show you how to get your audio into text format, and how you can use this for creating social and blog content.

How to get AI to write a great manuscript

Through this step-by-step process, I’ll show you the exact prompts I used to get the transcript into a coherent book, structured the perfect way for a business book.

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Date: February 8, 2024

Time: 12:00 PM CT

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