🚀 The Hormozi Launch: A Masterclass in Book Launches

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Did you watch the Alex Hormozi book launch back on August 19, 2023?

It was a masterclass in how to launch a book.

His new book, $100M Leads, became an instant best-seller.

On Saturday morning, August 19th, I was fixing my son breakfast when a good friend sent me a WhatsApp message: “Are you on the Hormozi launch event?”

If you don’t know him, Alex Hormozi is the new, ripped version of Gary Vaynerchuk.

Alex Hormozi

Hormozi originally came up in the gym marketing world, having owned a bunch of gyms.

He then started helping others launch gyms to capacity, and eventually became rich selling gym launch courses.

His popular podcast, Instagram channel, YouTube channel, and now two books, have made him hugely popular with a new generation of marketers who love his brash, in-your-face, testosterone-powered style.

How to Launch a Book in 2023

The almost 90 minute launch event was the culmination of 6-weeks of launch build-up. It was like the build-up to a new Star Wars episode.

The first email I got had the innocuous title of “I’ve got a new book.” He teased the August 19th, launch, saying “I’ve asked my team to pre-register you for the live event for free.”

He talked about it on his social media. He used paid ads to drive people to the launch. 23,722 independent affiliates also drove registrations.

And he built up to it in 13 subsequent emails.

And on the day of, not only one, but two friends reminded me of the launch!

Talk about reach…

The Launch Event

The launch event itself looked like a classic course launch. It reminded me of Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula.

Hormozi taught the core principles of his lead-generation system (the topic of his book).

And then about 36 minutes into his talk, he changed pace. He said:

And if you like what I’ve shared with you today…you’ll love what I’ve got for you next…before today, I was faced with two choices. The first option is part ways with you and then hope that on your own you can figure it out.

I started to get that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, “…uh-oh, he’s going to sell us something…”

He went on:

Or my second option, I could take a more active role and responsibility for your success, to create a win-win situation.

Yep, he was selling us. And sure enough, Hormozi introduced: “The $100M Leads System.”

He went on to introduce the modules, and he put a monetary value on each module.

The combined value of the modules was $7,285.

And as is typical in these types of launches, after the seller builds up the perceived value (in this case, $7,285)…

…he then introduces a much lower price (for example, $2000 or even $1000), so that it becomes a no-brainer to buy the course.

Can you guess what the final price was? (those of you who watched the event, no cheating!).


He fooled everybody. The last laugh was on us, and every other course seller out there.

His original intention was to sell his book (and he did sell physical collectors editions of his books for $29.99).

Or if you wanted his “Acquisition.com” hat, you could buy a 3-pack or 10-pack of the collectors editions and send them to friends and family.

But he gave away all the course modules for free.

At the end of the day, they were bonus material for the book.

Because I was pre-registered for the event, I received an email with a link to all the course modules. (You can access them here).

He also made the audiobook available for free on Spotify!

Book Launch Lessons from the Hormozi Launch

This book launch instantly became the most amazing event in book-selling and internet marketing history.

Let me extract the lessons here for book-sellers, like you and me:

1. Turn Your Book Launch Into a Movie Launch

While launching a book live like this is nothing new, Hormozi took it to the next level.

He leveraged his huge audience (1.5M followers on Instagram and 1.54M YouTube subscribers) to get more than 260,000 people to register for the Zoom call. There were tens of thousands more on the YouTube live.

That’s more than most of us could dream to have, on a launch.

But you can (and should) do a launch event.

That’s what my friend and novelist Alexandra Castrillon did, albeit at a little smaller scale, when she launched her novel “Detrás de Mi Nombre” two years ago on Instagram.

Here’s the YouTube of her Instagram launch:

Hormozi also built up to the launch for six weeks prior, sending emails, talking about it on his social channels, through advertising and through affiliates.

Lesson for you:

  • Organize a launch 6 weeks to 2 months before your book’s official launch date.
  • Invite everybody you know through email, text, messenger, social media.
  • Build up to it and tease what benefits they’ll get by attending.
  • Turn the event into a multimedia extravaganza!

2. Give Away Tons of Value

I know “tons” is not very specific, but I think you get my meaning.

In addition to selling his book (on sale for only $9.99 on Kindle), Hormozi gave away $7,285 worth of extra training materials, plusa free audiobook.

Lesson for you:

  • Can you provide additional bonus videos, audios, chapters?
  • Can you offer a full course?
  • What about templates, frameworks, free software?

The sky’s the limit.

3. Make Your Book Available In All Formats

Hormozi’s book is available as a physical collectors edition book, an eBook and an audiobook.

Lessons for you: Increase the odds of selling your book to more people by selling the book in physical form, eBook and audiobook.

Hormozi Has Changed the Book Launch Playbook

Alex and Leila Hormozi have upped the ante on book launches. I’m going to steal his playbook and implement it with StartupBook.

I hope you can too!

Check out the whole launch video here, and let me know if you watched the event and what thought about it.