[Step 7] 🎯 The Book-Driven Advertising Method

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the last lesson in the series! The last, but definitely not least.

Have you ever considered using paid advertising to sell your high-end software development services?

Does the thought of using paid advertising seem out of place to sell a software development project?

  • Projects hat will cost your customer anywhere between $25,000 and $500,000?
  • Projects that require a 1-3 month sales process, often involving a sales team and a buying committee?

Actually, you’d be surprised!

With the ​book you wrote​ in Lesson 2, you can use a 2-step advertising process.

  1. Use your book as the focus of your advertising campaign. You advertise your book, not your services. The book serves as the “lead magnet” here. It’s your lead generation tool.
  2. Sell your services to your book buyers. Your book serves a wonderful purpose here. On top of helping you design a new category and setting you up as a thought leader, the book does a great job of pre-selling your services to your customers.

Advertise Your Book

Consultants, coaches, thought leaders, and marketers have been selling their services for decades using this two-step process.

But they don’t advertise their services. They advertise their book.

The reason? A book is a low-cost, risk-free way of getting initial clients to buy from you.

A common tactic used is to give away your book, but charge for shipping.

This method employs 3 proven psychological effects to sell their services, described by renowned marketing psychologist Robert Cialdini:

The Power of Reciprocity

When you give something valuable away, you make customers want to give you something back.

When prospects realize how much value they’ll get, for free, ordering your book becomes a no-brainer proposition.

They’ll think, “I can’t believe they’re giving this stuff away for free…”, and they’ll be predisposed to buy your services from you later.

The Power of Commitment and Consistency

When prospects buy your book (though you’re giving away the book, they’re paying you for the shipping & handling), they become customers.

Cialidini says that even with a purchase of just $1, prospects will mentally see themselves as customers because of their initial commitment of $1.

They will then take actions that are consistent with that initial act.

They have made a slight change of identity…their new identity is “I’m your client.”

Their next logical step will be to spend even more money with your firm.

The Power of Authority

Lastly, when you sell a book, you establish instant authority in the minds of your prospects.

Becoming a book-writer puts you on another level.

As Christopher Lochhead told me during an interview I did for my forthcoming book:

When you go to a cocktail party and you tell people you’re a writer, you’re a published author. They go, ‘what?’

Sell Your Services to Your Book Buyers

The next step in this two-step process is to sell your book buyers on your services.

But to do this, you need to get their email address, which brings up a dilemma:

How do I get my prospects’ email address if they bought my book on Amazon?

You won’t sell your book on Amazon.

Let me rephrase that. Don’t advertise your book’s Amazon sales page. Advertise a book you sell on your own website.

Yes, you might have to do a little eCommerce on your website, but it’s totally worth it.

Why sell your book on your website?

So you can get your prospects’ email addresses, and permission to email them.

(Actually, you can even get the email addresses of buyers who buy from Amazon – in the body of your book, offer them some free worksheets or PDFs in exchange for their email address).

The only way to sell to your prospects is if you:

  1. Know who they are, and
  2. Have a way to communicate with them.

Once you sell your book, set up an automated email sequence that drives prospects to a meeting with you or somebody on your team.

The sequence might look something like this:

Right after book purchase

Suggested subject line: “We hope you enjoy the book!”

In the email body, give them a few tips for how to read the book, and what each chapter is about

3 days after book purchase

Suggested subject line: “X things to keep in mind about the book”

In the email body, tell them about a few case studies of clients of yours who implemented what your book taught them.

7 days after book purchase

Suggested subject line: “Do you want the results described in the book?”

In the email body, talk about a few more case studies, and tell them that if they’d like to get the results described in the book, to book a meeting with you.

How to Advertise Your Book

Teaching you how to implement a digital advertising strategy would take a whole book, but here are the basics, according to Alex Hormozi in ​his book “$100M Leads.​”:

1. Find Where to Advertise

Figure out where your audience hangs out, and use that platform to advertise to them.

If you’re selling custom software development services, your right audience is probably on LinkedIn.

2. Find the Right Audience

Then you have to narrow down your advertising audience using the platform’s audience targeting capabilities.

Make sure to narrow it down using titles, company size, geography.

Don’t narrow your audience down too much, or you’ll miss out on prospects who might be interested in your book.

3. Make A Really Good Ad

What makes a good ad?

Alex Hormozi says you’ve got to:

  • Call out your audience
  • Get them interested
  • Have a call to action

Call out your audience

Find a way of addressing your specific niche audience – the same niche you identified when you designed your new category.

You might have an ad headline that says something like this: “Regional Hospital CTOs: is X ever a problem for you?”

Get them interested

Hormozi says the best ads “…make the benefits look as big as possible and the costs look as small as possible.

Because you’re advertising your book, you want to build up the value of what they’ll learn in your book.

Let them know that all your hard-earned knowledge about how to do X with Y is contained in your book!


Finally, invite them to click here to buy your book, You need to tell them what to do, or else they won’t do anything!

4. Get Permission to Contact Them

If you’re selling your book, this will be easy. In order to buy your book, they must enter their email address.

You can do this whether you’re selling a physical book at “$0 plus shipping”, or whether you’re selling a digital book they can download.

Your Next Steps

Now you’ve learned how to use advertising to sell your services using a two-step process that uses your book.

Your next step is to go and implement everything I taught you in this 7-step mini-course:

  • Design a new category, so you can be the category king or queen.
  • Write a book, and use AI to make it fast and easy.
  • Use cold outreach with a difference: have something valuable to invite prospects to.
  • Become a public speaker, and spread the message about your new category and the material you wrote in your book.
  • Start a newsletter, so you can capture and nurture all the prospects who aren’t ready to buy now
  • Post content on social media, but do it smart. Share “atomic essays” so you can drive people to your newsletter, book and webinars.
  • Advertise your way to success, using the two-step advertising model: advertise your book, then sell to those who bought your book.

If you’re interested in having me help you with this process, email me at ​fernando@customsoftwaremarketing.com​, or call or WhatsApp me at: + 1 512 945-9273.

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