[Step 5] 💌 Start an Email Newsletter

Congratulations on reaching the 5th lesson of our mini-course!

You’re almost there.

Today’s step is a game changer: Starting an Email Newsletter.

Yeah, I get it. Your company is not a media company. You develop software for companies.

But hear me out.

Marketing expert Jeff Walker said: “The money is in the list.”

Let me explain.

  • When visitors come to your website, only 1-2% are actually in-market for your services in that minute. What happens to the remaining 98-99%? They go away forever.
  • When you’re sending cold emails or cold LinkedIn messages, only about 1-2% will actually be interested in talking to you.

You need an easy way to “sell” them something when they’re not ready.

That easy way to sell them is your email newsletter.

But I’m not talking about a newsletter where you send them your latest blog posts or photos of your latest company picnic.

Sure, those are important for you (and I’m sure you’ve invested a lot of effort on those weekly blog posts).

I’m talking about a newsletter that delivers something your target market really needs and wants.

And what do they need and want? Your new category.

In ​lesson 1​, I quoted a passage from Christopher Lochhead’s book “Play Bigger”:

Once the public understands the problem, people latch on to the most popular solution. Given all of the product and service choices people must make, it can get too burdensome to research every offering. So we pick the leader…[t]he perceived best takes almost all the market share; second best manages to hold on to enough to keep going, and the rest get pretty much nothing.

You want to deliver content about your new, differentiated category that solves a critical problem your target market is trying to solve

This makes your newsletter very valuable.

4 Benefits of Having a Category Creation Newsletter

When you capture those 98% of website visitor who you’d usually lose, or those 98% of people you cold emailed that don’t want to talk to you right now, you have an opportunity to at least educate them about a new, unique, differentiated way of solving an accurate problem they have in their life or business.

Here are 4 benefits of having a newsletter that educates your target market on your new category:

  1. You become the media source for your new category. A newsletter is another way to educate your market on your new category. How exciting is that? You’re more than just a provider of generic software development services. You’re the ultimate source of information on a unique and highly effective way of resolving a problem your market doesn’t know how to solve yet.
  2. You increased your chances of selling. Let’s face it: reaching out to cold prospects who don’t know you is exhausting, takes time and energy, and can be very disheartening. By getting the “not ready yet” people to subscribe, you can keep in touch with prospects who are not ready yet, but will be later.
  3. You engage with your prospects. “Engagement” is such an overused term. Social media influencers and marketers have taken the meaning out of it. But it actually means something. By delivering valuable content in a friendly manner (you can’t rely 100% on AI – you’ve got to inject your personality into it), they get to know, like and trust you. And people buy from people they like.
  4. Email is the best way to sell your services. Let me qualify this. To sell high-ticket software development services, you need to employ a complex, multi-month team-based selling approach. What I mean by “selling” is that prospects who would have left forever and forgotten about your existence can be enticed to have a meeting with you through an email newsletter. I’ll explain more below.

Attracting Subscribers: Your Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet?

This is another overused marketing term, but it’s almost exactly what it sounds like: it’s a way to attract leads into your email marketing system.

In your case, lead magnet is a powerful piece of long-form content that delivers something you could have charged money for, but you’re giving it away for free.

Here are examples of lead magnets:

  • A free mini-course (like this one)
  • A free webinar
  • A free eBook
  • A free checklist
  • A free guide

…and more.

The Case for the Mini-Course

I like mini-courses as a lead magnet for 3 reasons:

  1. It gives them a reason to actually subscribe. When you offer a PDF, like a free eBook or checklist or guide, it makes it easy for prospects to subscribe and then unsubscribe once they get the lead magnet. With a mini-course, they stay for the 5-10 days you deliver the course (using an email automation system), and then they’re hooked.
  2. It’s easy to do. No design headaches for an eBook cover. No trying to figure out how to deliver the PDF. Just write the email series and schedule it.
  3. It’s different. How many software development companies are delivering email mini-courses? I would bet none…except you.

Are you ready to deliver an email newsletter?

Have a great day!