🏃‍♂️ 7 Steps to Become the Leading Custom Software Provider In Your Market

Hey There Future Custom Software Category Leader!

And welcome to StartupBook Unleashed: How to Become the Only Choice For Your Market’s Software Development Needs.

Since you’re a nearshore software development company, everything in this email course is tailored to you!

As a Custom Software Development Company from the Americas, you’re probably eager to:

  • Stop being one of hundreds of other companies pitching software development services (and instead become a well-known leader in your industry).
  • Stop trying to pitch your services to U.S. companies that don’t respond to your emails or LinkedIn messages (and instead get almost 40% response rate).
  • Stop saying the same things the dozens of other companies say to your prospects (and instead have a message that’s different, specialized and attractive to your prospects).
  • Stop relying 100% on cold-outreach (and instead getting customers to come to you, as your industry’s go-to leader!).

Which is great news, because you want to be the category king or queen that every prospect in your target niche thinks about when they think about custom software development!

And I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that over the next 7 emails.

Here’s What I’m Going to Cover:

Day 1: (Step 1) Stop Being a Commodity Provider, Start Being a Category King or Queen. The mistake almost every custom software development company makes is trying to be all things to all people. By offering all kinds of services to all companies, you’re positioning yourself as a company that is undifferentiated. And subsequently, you compete on price only. Your only advantage is your time-zone, just like every other company in The Americas.

But in this module, I’m going to explain how to differentiate yourself by designing a new category that you can dominate – and eventually become the category king or queen.

Day 2: (Step 2) Write an AI-Assisted Book, Become Known as the Category Leader. Next I’ll teach you how to write a book, in English, using AI to shortcut the process and make it 60% easier to write your book. Why a book? It will establish you as the undisputed category leader: you’ll ‘name and claim” the name and vocabulary for your category, and become a respected thought leader in your industry.

Day 3: (Step 3) Cold Outreach With a Difference: The Category-Driven Approach. The usual method sold to custom software development companies is to use cold-email or cold-LinkedIn outreach to get a meeting and pitch your services. This approach usually results in disappointing results, and is a big waste of time.

Day 4: (Step 4) Start Speaking. ‘But I’m not a speaker!’ In this module I’ll teach you how simple it is to become a speaker (simple, not easy – this step takes work). With your book in hand, you can now become a guest on podcasts, a speaker at industry conferences, and start generating leads just by talking about the topic in your book. Neat, huh?

In this module I’ll teach you how to use a method, based on your new category, that will get you positive responses from almost everybody you contact!

Day 5: (Step 5) Deliver Your Industry’s Go-to Newsletter. In this step, I’ll teach you how to start your own newsletter, and the importance of building an audience of subscribers. Yes, even though you offer custom software development services, you’ll also become a media company. As they say, “The money is in the list!” When it comes to sell your company (if you decide to sell), having a list of loyal subscribers will count towards your company’s valuation!

Day 6: (Step 6) Easily Share Content on Social Media. On Day 6, I’ll show you the importance of posting content on one social network everyday, and how you can make it very easy on yourself: share your story and your knowledge by following an easy-to-use format you can use again and again.

Day 7: (Step 7) Paid Advertising, With a Twist. Finally, in this last module in the mini-course, I’ll show you how you can take your U.S. marketing to the next level by using paid advertising to drive qualified leads to your company.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to exit the world of commoditized Custom Software Development and become a Specialized Category Leader in your space?

Our first lesson is going to be why you should give up being a Custom Software Development company for everyone – for good! And why you’ll make so much more money as a Specialized Category Leader.

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