A.I. Book Ghost-Writing to Help Software Outsourcers Enter the U.S. Market

At the Custom Software Marketing Institute, we’ll ghost-write a book for you with the help of AI so you can enter the U.S. market as a thought leader.

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Does this scenario sound familiar?

You offer the same software development services every other software outsourcer offers. You waste your time cold-emailing, posting on LinkedIn, sending messages on LinkedIn, going to tradeshows & events, and going on trade missions just to try to enter the U.S. market…but you’re not making any progress.

At the Custom Software Marketing Institute, we make it easy for you to enter the U.S. market by helping you design a new category, so can become a market leader in a lucrative niche you’ll own.

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What  You’ll Get When You Hire the Custom Software Marketing Institute

You’ll Become the Category King/Queen.

You’ll design your own industry category, and become the go-to software services provider in that category.

You’ll Become a Best-Selling Author.

We’ll help you write a best-selling book, with the help of A.I., so you become “famous” in your niche.

Your Prospecting Will Get Easier.

You’ll have a clear message to bring to your prospects, making business development way easier.

You’ll Get Invited to Speak.

Your best-selling book will get you invited to speak at conferences, become a guest on industry podcasts, and more.

To succeed in today’s market, one must establish themselves as an acknowledged thought leader and adopt an educator posture rather than a marketing one….all of these opportunities stem from the creation of a book.

Christopher Lochhead, Chief Category Pirate

When we launched The Tilt two years ago, much of our education was built around the “three legs of the stool.” The first is building a platform and a regular audience. The second is expanding audience growth opportunities through in-person and digital speaking opportunities. The third is becoming the leading expert in your particular niche through a published book.

Joe Pulizzi, Best-Selling Author, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute

For more than one hundred years, books have been the number one scalable sales asset for building trust and authority, and for filling your pipeline with pre-qualified prospects.

Mike Shreve, CEO, Peaceful Profits

He who controls the vocabulary controls the industry.

Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads

How to get started

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We execute the plan together with you!

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